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Interior Architecture Design

OM by MS Design, Wellness & Health


Om Mind & Body Bar is a place designed and created to offer, in a single place, an Experiential Retail Path inside a Salon & Spa Bar. At the same time, for this concept, it is important to classify and divide the program's different areas, into passive and active spaces, in relation to the movement of the Sun along the metaphorical proposed sun path inside the project. In general, the concept looks for a cyclical and continuous movement for the distribution of the program’s components into space, as well as offers different circulations paths to adapt to the different user’s necessities in OM Mind & Body Bar.

Another important aspect of the concept is to denote the inspiration in Buddhism’s Dharma Wheel due to the desired mood board according to the offered services.

Hence, the materials, color palette, and general geometry respond to the sun's path movement, which is considered a sacred element in Buddhism.

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