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Architectural Squematic Design Proposal

Architectural Squematic Design Proposal

HE+Ar.T by MS Design, Wellness & Health


HE + Ar.T = Cardiotecture, which arises from the unification of the words Cardiology + Architecture, is my thesis on Architecture. To be precise, it arises as an architectural solution to the increasing rate of Costa Rican infant mortality resulting from congenital heart diseases.

Hence, HE + Ar.T is a pediatric hospital, with a high specialty, that innovates the hospital design through two approaches.

Design Approaches:

1. Spatial aspect = physiological metaphor. The genesis of its spatial morphology is derived from the deconstruction of the human cardiac anatomy; therefore, it is generated a unique volumetry of high metaphorical value. In addition, its name in Spanish represents a homonym of the English word “heart.” Its meaning “HE+Ar.T = Hospital Especializado + Arquitectura Terapéutica”.

2. Psychological aspect = Value of Holistic Architecture. Chromotherapy and therapeutic gardens are used as means of strengthening medical treatment.

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