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Interior Architecture Design

VORONOI ED Design Proposal by MS Design, Wellness & Health


This design is inspired by the Voronoi Leaf Structures present in nature, but ...
WHY Voronoi? Voronoi diagrams are used to pr
oduce very organic-looking patterns inspired by the abstraction of palm leaves while a restorative environment is implemented
as well.
This project aims to establish a restorative env
ironment in an Emergency Department inspired by nature.


An ethereal tropical design will help us contrast the harsh hospital setting. In other words, to use Nature as a model in order to gain a restorative and peaceful

Parametric Design:

Exterior Environmental Connection.
1. Use Voronoi Patterns to foster a Smooth Transition
from the exterior to the interior by the co
nnection of the
garden, corridor Greenwall, and custom partitions.

2. The ED Department is considered a living organism by the use
of biomorphic Voronoi implementation obtained by the implementation of
Parametric Design Through GH.

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